ADVANCELL is an emerging Spanish biotechnology focused on the development of promising drug candidates with significant commercial potential.

The Company generates proprietary drug candidates mainly by:

  • Identifying novel applications of known drugs (repositioning), and/or
  • Leveraging its innovative Nanosystems drug delivery technology (reformulation)

The Company headquarters are located in Via Augusta 59, Barcelona, Spain.

Mission and Objectives

Since its foundation in 2001, ADVANCELL has sought to address patients’ unmet medical needs and well-being by developing value-added products. The Company’s mission is to build a portfolio of high-value pharmaceutical products such as nanomedicines that are based on our  Nanosystems technology and from in-licensing promising preclinical candidates.

ADVANCELL focuses on indications with a clear unmet medical need in oncology, dermatology and CNS where our technologies and development capabilities can add distinctive value. The company has currently several programs in clinical development and pursues a series of preclinical opportunities

Company Structure

ADVANCELL is privately held and is led by a highly skilled Management and Board with significant financial and pharmaceutical experience and strong academic roots. The Company

  • Employs 16 staff, 80% with advanced academic degrees
  • Draws on the expertise of internationally renowned clinicians and scientists
  • Operates two complementary Business Units: Nanosystem (R&D creating nanomedicines based on our proprietary nanocarrier technology & PoC) and Therapeutics (mid- to late-stage clinical development & out-licensing)
  • Partially funds R&D from private investors, public financing sources and internal cash flow from partnered projects.